Vacation Spot: Park City, UT


Katherine Terese

OSOTA seniors visited the beautiful downtown Park City, Utah on their senior trip.

Natalie Wilhelm, Staff

Known for its winter wonderland-esque scenes, Park City can be considered the Aspen of Utah. Located southeast of the state’s capital is a charming town like something out of a Hallmark movie. Picturesque mountain range views can be seen from the comfort of dreamy hotel beds while sipping hot cocoa in the winter. Park City has family-friendly ski slopes that can be enjoyed for about six months out of the year. Park City is home to the largest ski resort in the country, Park City Mountain Resort. Additionally, Deer Valley Resort was voted the best place to ski in the country in 2021 by Condé Nast Traveler.

In the non-ski months, sightseeing, shopping, museums, and other fun activities can be found around the city’s many relaxing resorts. Trinity Arroyo, a high-schooler that recently traveled to Park City with her senior class, described the Westgate Park City Resort & Spa as being “a magical place to make memories with friends or family.” Resorts in the area go for as little as $144 a night and up to as much as $1,899 for the ritzier places. Most restaurants in the city get upwards of 4 stars on Google reviews, such as Handle and Firewood, which both serve American cuisine.

Other than the things to do, Park City’s things to see are incredible. Mountain ranges, sunsets of every color, and historic buildings are all part of what makes the city worth visiting. The Park City Miner’s Hospital is one of the most important historic buildings in the city, with a rich history of assisting miners during brutally cold months as far back as 1904. The building now holds the Park City Library within its walls. With an average annual visiting population of around four million, Park City is a popular travel destination, while not being overly crowded by tourists. In contrast, New York City accumulated more than fifty-six million visitors in 2022. Whether it’s spring break with friends or a winter family holiday, Park City, Utah, is year-round fun for all.

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