Dillard’s Speaks For The Dresses: A Dr. Seuss Tale

Oh, the Places You Won't Have to Go If You Go to Dilliard's

Oh no! Homecoming is in a week and you don’t have a dress? Where shall you go? When I went shopping for homecoming dresses (a few weeks ago like a normal person), I found that Dillard’s had the best selection of options. One dress, two dress, red dress, blue dress. I was swamped with possibilities (no I wasn’t). There are short dresses and long dresses, weak dresses and strong dresses. Glittery ones, and some that are plain, also some that were made in Spain. Dresses with bows and dresses that go down to your toes; dresses that are blue and others the hue of glue. Some shed sparkles and others don’t, you will not find better dresses, you definitely won’t! While some dresses are silver, others are gold, the long-sleeved ones will make sure you’re not cold. Strapless galore, but no worries, they’re modest. Dillard’s has the biggest selection of dresses, the broadest. Whether you want something green or something lean, their dresses are sure to make a scene (at homecoming). Some are very silky and others look milky; some are shiny and others are tiny. Dillard’s is the way to go for dresses that will stop the show. 

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