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Poll: Do You Prefer Coffee or Refreshers?

Juliana Ruiz, Staff
February 14, 2024

Coffee or refreshers? This is the underlying question that many scholars face on a daily basis when walking through the cafe doors. Some people prefer refreshers for the sweet “refreshing” taste that...

Review: From Page To Screen, Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Review: From Page To Screen, Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Lexie Williams, Staff
January 31, 2024

“If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.” - Percy Jackson   In a little wooded area, near Long Island Sound, lies the quaint Camp Half-Blood. Home to the demigod...

Behold the humble majesty of the vinyl turntable. You can see here the cartridge needle making contact with the grooves; the vibrations produce electrical signals that are translated into sound.

Vinyl, Why’nyl?

Hunter Vann, Editor-In-Chief
January 25, 2024

Ah yes the humble vinyl long play record, first released in 1948 by Columbia Records, to this day it remains the pinnacle of audio engineering. Close your eyes and just imagine, the shimmering inky darkness...

Poll: Summer or Winter?

Hunter Vann, Editor-In-Chief
January 24, 2024

Oh Florida, the land of flowers, marshes, and lush forests brimming with wildlife! We truly have it all: except for variable seasons. Any floridian can attest that there are only two seasons in the state,...

The Orlando Museum of Art or OMA is struggling to deal with the aftermath of their 2022 legal troubles after an FBI raid.

Consider the Museum

Hunter Vann, Editor-In-Chief
January 18, 2024

  Consider the art museum, what it means to society, and why these seemingly unviable institutions exist in our community. Recently, I was made to confront this very question upon learning that...

Graphics by Blake Vasek

Homecoming Court Voting

Hunter Vann, Editor-In-Chief
November 14, 2023

 oSound the horns, roll out the red carpet! It is time to meet this year's homecoming court as the vote for the 2023-2024 homecoming king and queen commences! Who will it be? Click or tap on the profiles...

Mio Frye, Kim Reynolds, Joan Torres, John Marin, Madelyn Glascock, Dave Martin, Courtney Schieber and Ryan Frye posing before taking the stage for the Spring Play-Peter Pan

Peter Pan: Then and Now

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
October 18, 2023

In 2013, One School of the Arts and Sciences, then known as just One School of the Arts, was ready to put on their first production as a school, J.M. Barrie's tale, "Peter Pan." What set this production...

National Dance Day

National Dance Day

Sarah Jones, staff
September 19, 2023

Tell us what your favorite dance genre is.

The Story Time Cafe introduced new refresher flavors at the start of the 2023 school year.

Review: New Drinks in the Cafe, Bold, and full of Spice

Sarah Jones, Staff
August 31, 2023

Served ice cold or steaming hot. Bitter, strong, and creamy, or sweet and rich with a taste of spice. The cafe has added two new coffee options to the menu: the Israeli cafe and the au lait cafe. Both...

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