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Homecoming Nails Could Cost You A Limb

It’s homecoming season and probably time for you to get your nails done. Maybe you’re looking up cute designs to match your dress on Pinterest or trying to find a nail salon to match your budget. Before you make an appointment, you might want to think about what it’s going to cost you.  

It is more common than you might think to get an infection while getting your nails done. Whenever you are getting anything done at a salon it is an opportunity for bacteria to get under your nails. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell just by looks if a salon is keeping clean and up to code. Pedicures are especially dangerous because jet tubs are rarely cleaned thoroughly. Just last year, a woman in Tampa had to have her leg amputated after getting an infection in her leg from a pedicure. To treat these infections prescriptions are needed but are not always effective. 

Doctors recommend bringing your own tools that have been washed with soap and sanitized with rubbing alcohol. They also recommend letting your pedicurist know not to cut your cuticles or push them back as this breaks the protection barrier and can cause permanent nail damage. 

My personal recommendation is to experiment with press-on nails. Press-on nails cost anywhere from $2 – $20 and come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. They can be found at Target and Ulta or online. Etsy even has custom ones to really match your event. “I don’t have a disposable income so I prefer press-ons. They saved me from an expensive 2-hour trip to the salon,” said Natalie Wilhelm. 

These nails look great and only take a few minutes to apply. I would also invest in Nail Bond glue which can be found on Amazon and keeps the nails from popping off. The glue is currently on sale for $12 which is still cheaper than the salon or the hospital co-pay. 

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