Homecoming: What’s Happening?

Where to shop, costume winners, scholar perspectives, parade and game recaps, and more!
With Homecoming on the horizon, there are only so many days separating us from the most anticipated event of the first semester! But deciding where to shop and who to trust with your look can be difficult. Thankfully we put together this quick guide of local shops and salons reviewed by our time experienced staff!
With Homecoming on the horizon, there are only so many days separating us from the most anticipated event of the first semester! But deciding where to shop and who to trust with your look can be difficult. Thankfully we put together this quick guide of local shops and salons reviewed by our time experienced staff!
Brinn Marks
Photo provided by the University of Missouri.
Photo provided by the University of Missouri.
What is Homecoming?

Walking across the gravel parking lot, the finely kept hedges glisten, coated in evening dew, and the fine droplets sparkle like stars in the moonlight. As you approach the glass facade, you can feel your chest vibrating with the beat of the music. You straighten the evening dress you had so finely groomed the previous night. With your appearance in check and your heart palpitating, you grasp the cold aluminum door and step inside.

What is this homecoming everyone is making such a fuss over? Why are we celebrating it? Can we turn down the music for a second? I am studying for my finals over here! Is it just us, or are other schools celebrating it? What role does HOCO play in our culture, and how does our school fit into this American sensation?

There is no official authority who has verified the exact origins of the annual event; the University of Minnesota has stepped forward and claimed itself to be the original architects of the formal celebration in 1914. It was engineered as an opportunity to welcome back past alumni and benefactors of the university, celebrating the past and future achievements of the institution, culminating in the viewing of the first football game of the season.

In the years following the idea of a homecoming disseminated across colleges, universities, and high schools across the United States, in schools where there are no football teams to gather around, banquets, dances, or a combination of the two have taken the sports place, as is the case for our very own One School of the Arts and Sciences banquet. Through our participation in this century-old tradition, we are promoting the eternal sanctity of our institutions’ role in the lives of scholars past and present.

However, this is just what it means on paper, and I am willing to gamble that the several dozen 9th to 12th graders getting jiggy on the dance floor are doing so solely because of their deep-seated respect for their high school. Homecoming must mean something more than educational history.

To Lexi Williams, 11th grade, homecoming plays a critical role in relationships as upperclassmen come of age.

“Considering that over the next year and a half we’re gonna be in college or there’s a chance we might not even see each other. So homecoming is kind of an opportunity to make the most of the time that we have left.”

As juniors and seniors near the end of their high school careers, homecoming begins to symbolize OS’s role in bringing together friends and chosen family. This sentimental outlook is not lost on freshmen either as they find their way into their new roles as high schoolers. 

Homecoming truly means a lot to the seniors the most of all because they get to share an experience with the rest of the high schoolers… I think it’s really important because our school is a private school and we don’t have things like prom and like a really big football team… it brings us sort of a community feeling because we’re able to be with others who are older, and just have a fun time with our friends.” said Ethan Pendergast, ninth grade.

Homecoming, with its origins founded in a centuries old tradition celebrating sports and a shared institutional history, has taken on a new meaning through the students and scholars who celebrate it. Family and friends, so this year as we take to the dance floor, take a moment and appreciate the people around you because these might just be the memories that will last you a lifetime.

Brinn Marks and Simeon Gordon, 12th grade, after Brinn agreed to go to homecoming with Simeon.
Public Homecoming Proposals: Scholar Perspective

On October 27, during my last study hall of the day, I decided that I was going to ask Brinn to homecoming for my senior year of high school. I had wanted to ask in prior years but ended up chickening out at the last minute. As certain as I was that I wanted to ask her this year, I had no idea if she would accept my proposal. Originally, I had planned to ask in private because, as extroverted as I tend to be, I get really jittery when doing something I care about in front of a crowd.

However, on November 1, the day before I was going to propose the idea in private, Layla Hubler, 12th grade, informed me that, during a conversation she and Brinn were having, Brinn had mentioned that she would really appreciate a public proposal in front of people. As nervous as I was now, I knew I had to get to work making a thoughtful proposal Brinn would appreciate. 

November 2, I collaborated with a group of my friends and came up with a plan on what to make the proposal poster about as well as when and where we were going to create it. Our plan was, when one group, including Brinn, went to Seminole State College to register for spring semester Dual Enrollment classes, Layla, Jill Wilson, 11th grade, and I were going to go to Hobby Lobby, buy the needed materials to make the poster, as well as flowers to give to her, and camp out at a nearby Starbucks while we brought the poster to life. 

After hours of layout, cutting, and detailing, the poster was near completion. However, we were not in the clear yet. Unexpectedly, Brinn and the other group walked into the Starbucks! Apparently, they had all decided to get coffee after registering for their classes and our Starbucks was the closest to the college. Layla saw them before I did, warned me, and helped hide the materials by a table near the back. She met them at the door and offered to bring their drinks out to them. All that time, I sat in the back corner with my large poster, hoping they didn’t look over in my direction. Eventually,  Layla delivered the drinks to the others, they left, slightly confused, but the surprise was kept.

Finally, the day came when I was going to ask Brinn to Homecoming. Even with all the prep time in the world, I’m sure I still would have been nervous. How could I not be? The lunch period had just started, and Brinn and the rest of the group were sitting at their usual lunch table. As I walked out of the Grace Center doors, I was met with a confused look, but one that quickly turned to one of excitement and surprise. “Brinn, would you come to Homecoming with me? I wouldn’t rather go with anyone else,” I said, holding up the board in front of me. With a smile on her face, she gave me a hug and said, “Yes!”

 When asked about the proposal in a later interview, Brinn said:  “Of course, how could I not? I honestly had not imagined that someone would be asking me this year. After seeing Simeon’s efforts, I was ecstatic and became excited about the Homecoming season again!”

Seeing the way a public proposal completely shifted Brinn’s perspective on homecoming, I’d definitely recommend asking someone to the dance in public! Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friends!  My friends were instrumental in helping me plan the perfect proposal; They helped me create an unforgettable moment that the both of us will never forget! I’m so glad I decided to take the chance and ask Brinn publicly!

Brinn Marks and Simeon Gordon, 12th grade, after Brinn agreed to go to homecoming with Simeon. (Hunter Vann)
Sarah Jones and Anthony (Tony) Mitchell after Sarah agreed to go to homecoming with Tony.
Private Homecoming Proposals: Scholar Perspective

When considering asking someone to homecoming, asking in private is ultimately the best choice. Asking in private allows you more options, makes the situation more comfortable for everyone, shows thoughtfulness and authenticity, and you don’t have to worry about other people looking at you. 

Most people assume asking someone to homecoming has to be a big spectacle with peers, teachers, and friends surrounding you. However, this can create a lot of stress for the person asking if they are introverted or the person who is being asked if they are introverted.  Asking privately also allows for more authenticity since there is no pressure from others around.

The simpler and more stress-free way of approaching this situation is by asking privately in an attentive way. By asking in private, you are able to show how much you care and appreciate them without people taking pictures or staring at you.

My perspective of asking people to homecoming comes from someone who has been asked in private and would not change a thing about it. As I was getting ready for youth group on Wednesday, November 8th, as I usually would, I noticed things seemed off. I went downstairs quickly to eat before I was late when my mom and my dad started acting strange. I repeatedly asked them what was going on to make sure everything was okay, but I was continuously told to “relax and just sit down for a minute.” For a while, I thought I was in trouble or that they just didn’t want me to go. Then they told me to go up to my room to fix my makeup, which is when I started to think that Tony was coming to ask me to homecoming.

 I then raced downstairs and saw my parents still acting weird, looking out the window, and at this point, I knew it was happening. The doorbell rang and I was ecstatic to see Tony carrying beautiful red roses in one hand and a colorful sign with stars, made after the Tyler the Creator album, and his handwriting that read “Call me if you want to go to homecoming with me.” I was super excited and happy that he asked me, and I could not have asked for a better way for him to do it.

Seeing the way Tony made the poster by cutting out paper and writing the words himself, and also bought flowers, and also reached out to my parents made me realize how asking in private is a much more special experience than in public.

Sarah Jones and Anthony (Tony) Mitchell after Sarah agreed to go to homecoming with Tony. (Audrey Jones)
Emma Vega, Ashlyn Caldwell, Allie Thomas, Aubrey Gibson dressed like the 70s for decade day. (Juan Ruiz)
Who Wore it Best: Decade Edition

The winners are: Emma Vega, Ashlyn Caldwell, Allie Thomas, and Aubrey Gibson with their 70s dresses.

Amrin Hicks, 12th grade, dressed as a BBQ dad.
Who Wore it Best: BBQ vs. Soccer Mom Edition

The winner is: Amrin Hicks, 12th grade, in her BBQ Dad costume.

Amrin Hicks, 12th grade, dressed as a BBQ dad. (Emma Vega)
Brandon Greaver and Brianna Eshliman, 10th grade, dressed up as Ken and Barbie for the themed day.
Who Wore it Best: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer Edition

Today’s winner: Brandon Greaver & Brianna Eshliman, 10th grade

Brandon Greaver and Brianna Eshliman, 10th grade, dressed up as Ken and Barbie for the themed day. (Aiden Greaver)
Aiden Greaver and Allie Thomas, 12th grade, dressed up as the popular childrens characters from Blues Clues.
Who Wore it Best: Character Edition

Aiden Greaver & Allie Thomas, 12th grade, dressed up as the characters from one of their childhood shows, Blues Clues.

Aiden Greaver and Allie Thomas, 12th grade, dressed up as the popular children’s characters from Blues Clues. (Andrew Sayavan)
The homecoming parade for the 2023 homecoming was a big production.
The homecoming parade for the 2023 homecoming was a big production. (Amrin Hicks)
The Homecoming Parade: A Dancer’s Perspective

This week has been all about homecoming. Although we had some dreary weather, this week has been filled with great outfits, striking costumes, and tons and tons of fun. There’s quite a few things that we had going on for the sake of truly soaking in the pre-homecoming excitement.

Along with our themed dress days we also had our homecoming parade on Monday. Parades have lots of moving parts, so planning and prepping for it was a ride of its own. As part of the dance team that was leading the parade, I can say that with zero doubt. I mean, dancing is hard on its own while staying in one specific place, but dancing while walking was certainly new for me as one of the newest additions to OS’s dance team. I will say, however, the the wonderful Ms. Kevi got us through it yet again. The choreography itself wasn’t that difficult.

One of our first goals when beginning to learn the choreo was maintaining good form and posture as well as making choreography almost muscle memory, considering the fact that we had to dance AND walk at a fixed speed in a fixed formation. We began learning in chairs for the sake of memorizing formation and choreography, whilst also perfecting our “strong arms,” as Ms. Kevi put it.

Once we’d gotten the choreography completely down, we then graduated to practicing on the stage. This was more different from the chairs than I initially thought it would be, for reasons that, in retrospect, made more of a difference than I thought. The first hurdle was remembering to march with the beat. When practicing a marching routine while being restricted to one spot, it’s easier to forget to keep marching than one would think. The second hurdle was to maintain a certain level of strength and confidence in my arms throughout all of the numbers. After doing choreography that you’re 100 percent confident in several times and you’ve gotten it to the point that you’re making little to no mistakes, it’s easy to lose momentum and start to sickle in sharp movements. Eventually though, the team got it right.

Our, or more accurately put, their first time performing it went great in the eyes of everyone watching, but who really knows what goes on behind the curtain? I could not perform in the pep rally just because I had something else to do, preventing me from attending a rehearsal that took place right before said pep rally. Why is one rehearsal such a big deal? That would be because in the time span of one rehearsal changes were made in choreography, formation, placement, amongst other tweaks that I wouldn’t have been aware of. Even when choreography is relatively simple, it’s always important to attend every rehearsal because in five minutes we can change about 15 things, ‘tis the way of the arts. Nevertheless, the pep rally went without a hitch.

Homecoming has not been the greatest of weather weeks. Monday morning there was some worrisome weather going on, and for a minute, I and a couple of other girls were a little worried that the parade wasn’t going to go on. Thankfully though, Ms. Kevi and our principal Mr. Seidel worked it out and adjusted times and found a way to make it happen.

Now that we knew that the parade was, in fact, going to take place, all that was left to do was prepare, prepare, prepare! We began by eating our lunches in advance in order to accumulate as much prep time as possible. That morning, we went through everything making sure that all costumes, pom-poms, and jazz shoes were ready for the fun. As the family that we are, of course the dance girls traded and borrowed things from each other in order for this parade to look its best and for everyone to have fun. I even borrowed a pair of jazz shoes from the lovely Gigi Dottore! With all of the preparations we made, getting ready was fun and easy. By the time we had to start getting ready, everyone had their costumes and jazz shoes ready to go. We got our buns in our hair, changed, and then it was straight back to work.

Like the diligent, dedicated girls we are, we started practicing again in the dance room without even a speaker. We were actually humming the songs in order to perfect our timing and to reassure ourselves that we knew what we were doing, giving us the ability to lead the parade with confidence. Once it was time, we lined up in our formation in the back parking lot for the little kids. I must admit that I almost forgot what I was doing because they were so excited and it was so much fun to wave at them during those slivers of time where there was no set choreography. One of our own dance alumnus, Anna Ardolina, even came back to lead us through the parade with the speaker and the wagon containing spare pom-poms just in case someone dropped one, thanks Ms. Kevi! I will say that it’s hard not to start laughing when you march past your friends and they start screaming your name; I mean I did laugh a little bit. The parade was so much fun to take part in, and I’m so grateful that I got to experience it with the people that I did. I can’t wait for next year, and I can’t wait for this year’s homecoming dance!

The Lions Volleyball Team
Meet the Lions Scholar Volleyball Team
The Lion’s Volleyball Team (Juan Ruiz)
Kristi Combs and Carli Combs face off against each other at the staff versus scholar volleyball game. (Blake Vasek)
Staff vs. Scholar Volleyball Game

The day had finally come, and the atmosphere around the One School campus was charged with anticipation as the inaugural OS Lions Staff versus Scholars volleyball game came closer. There were mixed opinions about what the outcome of the game was going to be, and scholars and staff were trying to predict how the teams would fare. 

Angelica King, 9th grade, shared her optimism for the scholar’s team: “I am hoping the scholars win. [I’ve] never [seen] the staff play, so I don’t know [how good they are], but I know what the rest of the scholar’s team have been doing; [they’ve all] practiced so hard.” 

However, Mr. Thomas, the school’s security manager, confidently gave his opinion on the staff team’s superiority: “What do you think? [T]hey’re better coached, more talented, and lastly, they’re staff[…] Staff is always better than the scholars.”

 Lastly, his son, Taye Thomas, 12th grade, shared his thoughts: “[I] think it’s about a 50/50 chance for both teams. They’re both going to be playing really well, I believe. But, at the end of the day, I’m a scholar, So I gotta go with the scholars, you know?”

Throughout the first set, both teams were pretty evenly matched. Both teams were getting points, but both also seemed a bit rusty and were making mistakes. When the first timeout was called, the scholars were leading the staff 17-14. 

During the timeout, Keegan Crandall, 10th-grade, marveled at the unity among the scholar’s team: “Honestly, I think it’s going great. [N]ot only are we working together as a team, but we’re really coming together as a family… I think if we just keep pulling through the same way we [are], I think we will definitely sweep the staff.”

As the first set continued, the scholars pulled away, winning the first set off of a missed set by the staff team. 

During a break before the second set, Avery Steppen, 10th grade, said: “I think [we’re] doing well… [It’s] Carli and Emma’s last game… I have gotten really close to them. [I]t’s really hard [to] let go of the people that have been so close to you, but it’s really special because I get to spend more time with them.”

The scholars came out of the break even more determined to win, starting off the second set leading the staff 14-3. The staff showed incredible effort throughout the rest of the set, diving for tough hits, but nothing seemed to go back over the net. The scholars ended up taking the second set by 13 points, with the score being 25-12 in favor of the scholars.

  Mrs. Archibold, first-grade teacher and staff team member, held out hope for the staff’s chances at victory: “I think the game has a lot of energy. It’s fun to be around, seeing the crowd, the families, and familiar faces. And I think that we’re having a lot of fun… I think that if we use the communication and teamwork that we showed in practice, it’s going to take us all the way home [to a comeback win].”

The staff seemed to rally for the first part of the third set, winning two straight points before giving up seven consecutive points to give the scholars a 7-2 lead before the last timeout was called.

The scholars used the momentum from before the timeout to cruise to a 25-14 win in the third set, sweeping the staff team to win their first Staff v.s. Scholars volleyball trophy.

As the final moments approached, Carli Combs, 12th grade, seized the poignant moment: “I’m so glad that we were able to win our final game. I’m very sad that it is my last game, but I was glad that I was able to do a special moment with Brianna (Eshliman, 10th grade). I’ve known her for a long time; we’ve done the YMCA together. She’s come a long way.”

The scholar’s team reveled in their win but showed their admiration and respect for the staff team with high fives and “good game[s]” all around. 



Before Homecoming: Red Scarlet Salon: Colorful, Stunning Cuts

Homecoming can easily turn from a fun event to a manic panic. Although dresses and suits are easily replaceable, there is one part of every scholar’s outfit that is a main priority- hair. Before taking up the shears yourself, you may want to turn to an easier solution. 

Located in the heart of Thornton Park, the Red Scarlet Salon specializes in colorful and stunning cuts. From the moment you step into the parlor, you are instantly greeted by stylists who care about you for more than just your hair.

When I decided to take the plunge and dye my full head in the fall of 2022, I was terrified that I was killing my scalp. That fear was silenced after a particular stylist, Kimberly Elsey, handled my hair with care and left it feeling healthier than ever.

If you plan to take your homecoming hair to the next level, visit the Red Scarlet Salon in Thornton Park!

Before Homecoming: Salon Savants


As someone who encounters a lot of stress when it comes to achieving a good look for Homecoming, I like to do it all from the comfort of my own home. As someone with a mom as a cosmetologist, I have learned to dye my hair from home and have found the experience is more enjoyable, even if you use a standard box dye. I purchase my hair dye from my local Salon Centric, where you must have a cosmetology license to buy products from. I currently use the Matrix COLOUR NUMBER. If you have or know someone with a cosmetology license, this place has amazing options. However, if you don’t, other stores carry great hair dye that works just as well for at-home hair dying. The process can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the style you choose, so it can be nice to lessen the stress by sitting back and watching a movie you love while your hair processes. This year, I did my hair about three weeks in advance to make sure no real problems could arise, and my hair would turn out just the way I wanted it. The perks of doing your hair from home also come around for the styling aspect. Each time I re-dye my hair, I also have the opportunity to try out different styles; furthermore, I personally lean towards the steam roller type of styling. Steam rollers are especially good if your hair doesn’t like to hold a curl because they can re-activate the product you put into your hair prior to styling. When using steam rollers, you do have to make sure you leave them in for at least an hour, as you want to make sure they dry before you let your hair down. During this season, everyone is going to the salon, whether for holidays, homecoming, or even just the normal refresh, so it is a lot easier and faster to do it from home. If any problems occur when trying different products or practicing that perfect curl, you can revisit it as many times as you like when you work from home.


Before Homecoming: Nails for the Night

Homecoming is just around the corner, and it’s never a bad time to get your nails done. Koi Nail Spa is a local nail salon located in Sanford at the Marketplace at Seminole Towne Center.  I recently visited Koi Nail Spa and was thoroughly impressed by the welcoming staff, quick service, and relaxing atmosphere even during a busy time. I chose to get a classic manicure and short acrylic nails. I was very pleased with the results as my nails looked very clean, and they lasted for many weeks without chipping or falling off. I also noticed that they offer a variety of other beauty additives, such as waxing, eyelash, and eyebrow services, which I will definitely be trying out in the future. One thing to remember is that Koi Nail Spa can be a bit pricey compared to other nail salons in the area. However, they do offer Groupons and other promotions to look out for, which can help you save some money on your next visit. A basic manicure can range from $35-$50, although add-ons can vary the expense. I believe this nail salon is best for special occasions or those days when you feel like having a day full of pampering rather than a monthly visit. The staff has proved to be highly skilled and reliable with their work because they made sure I was happy with every step and took time to fix anything that was displeasing. I can tell that they truly care about the integrity of your nails and that everyone who comes in goes out with a good experience. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a luxurious experience, and I would personally go back many times again.

Before Homecoming: Online Dress Shopping Saves the Day

For some, the stress of going to a store with endless rows of dresses and an array of sizes that may not be right can be a bit overwhelming. Though I am not an efficient shopper, I admit I can be in a store for an hour, still not make a decision, and then get extremely hungry and leave empty-handed. Although in the past I have had luck finding a dress in-store, this year I decided to venture into the exciting world of online shopping. I scrolled through website after website until I found the perfect online fit for me. Then, I stumbled upon the user-friendly website called Lulus. This store had everything I needed: affordable prices (a range anywhere between $25-$120), an accurate sizing chart, expedited shipping, and thousands of dresses and styles to choose from. Lulus had precise categories to integrate my personal style into the dress options they presented to me. I narrowed down the options by selecting only the styles of dresses that I was interested in. After searching for only about 30 minutes, I found THE dress. I took the short survey they provided to find my accurate size and discovered that I was a size small based on my height, age, and weight.  I paid an extra fee of $9 for shipping to ensure it would arrive on time. To my surprise, the dress came in only 3 business days! I was very impressed with the quality of the material, and it fit me perfectly! The pattern, length, size, and style were true to the website’s descriptions. The only critique I would have would be the packaging. It came in a bag, and the dress was kind of crumpled. This could have been improved by simply putting it in box packaging instead of the bag. Overall, this was an easy and pleasant experience with a wonderful result!  Ladies,  if you are a person like me who is easily overwhelmed with the in-person shopping experience, then I would highly recommend Lulus for all of your homecoming dress needs. 

Before Homecoming: Macy’s: Variety is Key

When it comes to homecoming, finding the perfect dress is a top priority for many young women.  Macy’s certainly lives up to its reputation by offering an outstanding selection of homecoming dresses! 

Variety is key! Macy’s offers a diverse range of dresses to suit every taste and style. Whether you’re looking for a classic, elegant, trendy, or fashion-forward design, there are many options.

One of the most impressive aspects of Macy’s homecoming dress selection is the wide range of sizes available. They understand that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and their commitment to inclusivity is evident in the extensive size range, ensuring that everyone can find a dress that makes them feel confident and comfortable.

Macy’s offers different options for various budgets ranging from $40 – $200. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to invest in a designer piece, Macy’s has an array of choices that won’t drain the bank, especially with their regular sales and promotions, which make finding an affordable, yet stylish, dress easier than ever.

Macy’s also excels in providing a seamless shopping experience, With their user-friendly website and well-organized stores, finding the perfect homecoming dress is done with ease. The helpful and knowledgeable staff are  available to assist you in making the right choice.

In conclusion, Macy’s is my favorite destination for homecoming dresses. With their wide variety, inclusive sizing, high-quality offerings, budget-friendly options, and excellent customer service, they catered to every aspect of my homecoming dress shopping experience. When it comes to making a memorable entrance at your homecoming dance, Macy’s will always have your back!


Before Homecoming: Dress Prices that Won’t Break the Bank: David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal is not just about wedding dresses. There are a multitude of dresses and accessories that are tailored to your needs. When it comes to homecoming dresses, David’s Bridal stands out as a perfect option for scholars seeking quality at good prices.

One of the most compelling aspects of David’s Bridal is the wide range of affordable options without sacrificing quality. Homecoming dresses are often a one-time wear, making it impractical to invest a significant amount of money. At David’s Bridal, you can find an array of stunning dresses at prices that won’t break the bank. The price tag does not compromise on style, as they offer an impressive variety of trendy designs that keep up with the latest fashion trends. In addition to the great prices, David’s Bridal provides an extensive range of options to suit every taste and body type. Whether you prefer short and sassy, elegant and long, or anything in between, they have a homecoming dress that caters to your unique style. The inclusive sizing options make it easy for anyone to find a dress that fits them perfectly. I’ve gotten multiple dresses from David’s Bridal myself, including two dresses for homecoming and two dresses for my sixteenth birthday. Both of my homecoming dresses were under 50 dollars because they were from the clearance section. Now, if you’re willing to spend extra, their section of regular-priced homecoming dresses is still relatively affordable.

Shopping at David’s Bridal is also a convenient experience. Their well-organized store makes it easy to find the dress of your dreams; moreover, their knowledgeable and friendly staff can provide expert guidance to help you make the best choice. Their stores also have spacious fitting rooms to try on the dresses. Additionally, if you prefer online shopping, their website is user-friendly, allowing you to browse and purchase your dream homecoming dress from the comfort of your home. Beyond dresses, David’s Bridal offers a wide selection of accessories to complete your homecoming look. From shoes and jewelry to clutches and hair accessories, you can find everything you need to make your outfit truly stand out.

In conclusion, David’s Bridal is not limited to just wedding dresses; it’s a versatile destination for all your formal attire needs. Their homecoming dress collection impresses with its affordability, variety, quality, and excellent service. Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary style, David’s Bridal has you covered. So, for your next homecoming event, make David’s Bridal your go-to choice for a fabulous and budget-friendly shopping experience.

After Homecoming: Post Dance Dining

Magic in a Dinner Plate

Let’s face it: homecoming can be tiring. Not just physically but also economically. By the end of the night, your feet hurt, your allowance has been spent on the awesome fancy clothing you got to accentuate your beauty for the night, and you can only envision the relief of cuddling underneath three blankets and falling asleep right then and there. However, as amazing as going home sounds, you’re hungry. You’re starving, and you’ve danced off the calories you ate during the opening ceremony, so you need to eat something fast before your stomach growls loudly enough that it causes an earthquake. So, hungry and tired, you need something easy, big, relatively close, and worth the money you’re paying. 

Approximately 12 minutes away from school is an Olive Garden. One that has proportionally well-sized platters of pasta that come aided by a huge bowl of salad and all-you-can-eat breadsticks that are scarily balanced with butter and garlic to taste like the food embodiment of happiness. Their seating can be arranged to hold big parties of up to 20 people if you want to throw your own afterparty with almost all your classmates and even downsize to fit you and your three other friends, who are all starving. Olive Garden is even an amazingly flexible place food-wise, with platters accommodating for vegetarians, vegans, and equally, meat-lovers, so if your friend group and you have very varying tastes, Olive Garden could most likely satisfy each one of you equally according to what you like and dislike. Even more so, we’re all very aware of our spending habits for the next few nights prior to the hectic Homecoming Week, however, Olive Garden has a solid average of Americans spending only $22.50 for their meals, and that’s a huge bargain for the portions they hand out. 

So, on the night of Homecoming, instead of going home to sprawl out on your bed and wake up hungry, go the 5.5 miles into Altamonte Springs’ Olive Garden and grab a bite to eat with your friends to make the magical night last a little longer. Their breadsticks are worth it.


Kimberly Gordon and Lynn Rush, staff, dance with the scholars during the Homecoming Dance. Much of the staff spends the majority of their time on the dance floor.
Homecoming Review

With many bright lights shining and loud music blaring, Friday, November 24, marks the 2023 homecoming. Scholars arrived dressed in their best, with everything from their hair to their shoes looking on point. Scholars participated in games, took pictures, and enjoyed the music from the D.J. while waiting for everyone to arrive. 

“I was very excited and there was a lot of anticipation built up. It was so fun to see everyone because you get to everyone’s personality in what they wear. I thought the activities were very clever because the people who wouldn’t want to dance have other options,” Said Chloe Romaniello, 11th grade.

Cuban food from Zazas was enjoyed during the coating ceremony, where Mrs. Sayavan awarded 18 seniors and 8 juniors their letterman jackets. 

“There was a good variety of options for food with rice and beans, empanadas, and sandwiches.” Said Gianna Dottoere, 10th grade.

Next, the homecoming court was brought to the stage, including Emma Vega and Noah Wimple, 12th grade, Lorelei Wheaton and Kyle Huckabee, 11th grade, and Brinna Eshliman and Brandon Greaver, 10th grade. The vote from the school was tallied, and the senior couple Emma Vega and Noah Wimple became the homecoming king and queen, followed by the prince and princess Lorelei Wheaton and Kyle Huckabee, and finally, the duke and duchess went to the Brinna Eshliman and Brandon Greaver. 

“I didn’t know if I was going to win for sure because Lorelei and Kyle had a lot of supporters, but I was excited because it was something Noah and I wanted since we lost last year.” Said Emma Vega, 12th grade.

Then, the homecoming king and queen came down from the stage and started dancing, bringing more and more people to the dance floor. Dancing continued for an hour before homecoming was concluded by the last song from the D.J.

Kimberly Gordon and Lynn Rush, staff, dance with the scholars during the Homecoming Dance. Much of the staff spends the majority of their time on the dance floor. (Kathryn Del Rio)
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