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Samantha McGill, 11th grade, was one of the earliest to give blood for this drive.

Blood Drive

Sarah Jones
September 18, 2023

Have you ever considered helping your community, but you are unsure of how you can contribute? September 14th, 2023, the first blood drive of the year was held, out of the 27 people who signed up to...

Lahaina before and after the fires.

Electrical Fire Consumes Maui County, 4,500 Displaced

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
August 22, 2023

The iconic Lahaina Banyan Tree, a symbol of strength and endurance for over 150 years, has been severely burned. On Tuesday, August 8th, in Maui County, winds up to 80 miles per hour tore live electrical...

Cafe staff greet kindergarten families and treat them to a morning breakfast of (food).

Story Time Cafe Welcomes Kindergarten Families at Boo-Hoo Breakfast

Hunter Vann, Editor-In-Chief
August 10, 2023

Jittery kindergarteners dart to and fro across the grace center in anticipation of the day to come as their parents exchange pleasantries over a warm beverage. Plumes of steam rise into the air, twisting...

Kathryn Del Rio

Reviving a Revival?

Samantha McGill and Hunter Vann
May 12, 2023

Narnia returned to the stage after eight years of hiatus, last produced the weekend of April 28th and 29th. After a long wait, the production of Narnia was seen by scholars, staff, and family. “I was...

Tennessee State House Representitive Justin Jones, one of the members for preposed expulsion, calling for his fellow lawmakers to put stricter gun laws in place. (AP)

BREAKING: Tennessee House Moves to Expel Members

Hunter Vann, OSBN Executive Producer
April 5, 2023

On Thursday evening, April 3rd, the Tennessee House of Representatives descended into disorder as protesters filled the rows of the viewing galleries, jeering at legislators and obliging the House to enter...

Are Orcas that are birthed in SeaWorlds care born into life of safety or a life of performing? Image received from Unsplash.

SeaWorld: Below the Surface

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
March 7, 2023

When people think of SeaWorld, some may think of an amusement park with thrilling rides and entertaining shows involving sea animals. Below the surface, according to some sources, it is a place of cruelty,...

This is a photo of a celsius drink that contains preservatives. Image received from Unsplash.

Are The Labels On Drinks Lying?

Sarah Jones, Senior Staff
March 6, 2023

Can you trust what the labels on your drinks say? Celsius is an energy company that started in 2017 and has recently encountered two lawsuits that cost millions of dollars. Celsius was first in breach...

John Martinious the Third  helps explain to us this morning the debt ceiling!

What’s Up? The Debt Ceiling

Hunter Vann, OSBN Executive Producer
February 28, 2023

Another fight has reared its head on Capitol Hill as the United States speeds towards reaching the national debt limit, or debt ceiling. Senators are bickering and debating whether or not to raise the...

Lyrics from Taylor Swifts album Reputation and other albums by the artist were quoted by United States senators during trial.

Taylor Swift Causes Court Case

Katherine Terese, Peer Editor
February 14, 2023

Where was Taylor Swift on April 29th? We may never know, but on November 15th, 1.5 million Taylor Swift fans were on Ticketmaster. It all started on November 1st, when Taylor announced The Eras Tour with...

OSOTA Spirit Night

OSOTA Spirit Night

Isabella Hooten, Editor-in-Chief
February 8, 2023

Support One School March 2nd at Spirit Night! It will be held at the Chick-fil-A on Lake Mary Boulevard. Further information is provided on the flier above.

The winners of the Character House Tree competition. Scholars from each house came together to create beautiful trees.

Character House Tree Competition

Isabella Hooten, Editor-in-Chief
December 5, 2022

The winners are: Middle School: 1st Place: Social Intelligence 2nd Place: Curiosity 3rd Place: Self Control 4th Place: Zest High School: 1st Place: Gratitude 2nd Place: Grit 3rd...

Information for the foster care pajama drive organized by OSOTAs National Honor Society.

NHS Bulletin: Pajama Drive

Hunter Vann, OSBN Executive Producer
November 30, 2022

The season of giving is upon us and who is better to give than to our community's most variable, our very own National Honor Society chapter will be leading a pajama drive that will go directly to local...

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