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Simeon Gordon

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff

Simeon Gordon is a junior at OSOTA. He has attended One School for nine years and has served on the Lion's Pride Journalism Team for two years. He enjoys socializing and playing sports whenever he can and is currently considering applying to a trade school to find his future career.

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After a hard-fought season, the OS Lions finished 2nd place overall in the State Tournament, bringing a trophy with them back to One School.

A Fight to the End

Simeon Gordon, copy editor
March 5, 2024

The OS Lions Varsity Basketball Team moved on from their successful regular season and waded into the murky waters of the Sunshine Christian League State Tournament. They entered the tournament without...

To start off the game, Jeremiah Schilling, sophmore, jumps in the air for the tip-off, giving the Lions the first possession of the game.

Tournament-Bound: Your OS Lions Varsity Basketball Team

Simeon Gordon, Copy Editor
February 23, 2024

In their first year of eligibility for the Sunshine Christian League State Tournament, the OS Lions Varsity Basketball Team clinched the second seed in the Eastern Conference, securing their spot in the...

Mio Frye, Kim Reynolds, Joan Torres, John Marin, Madelyn Glascock, Dave Martin, Courtney Schieber and Ryan Frye posing before taking the stage for the Spring Play-Peter Pan

Peter Pan: Then and Now

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
October 18, 2023

In 2013, One School of the Arts and Sciences, then known as just One School of the Arts, was ready to put on their first production as a school, J.M. Barrie's tale, "Peter Pan." What set this production...

The Lions Volleyball team spend a moment together before starting their game.

The Lions Volleyball Get Their First Win

Simeon Gordon, staff
September 21, 2023

After a rough week one loss to Space Coast in which they lost all three sets, the One School Lions volleyball team came into the second week of the season looking for bounce-back wins. Unfortunately for...

Lahaina before and after the fires.

Electrical Fire Consumes Maui County, 4,500 Displaced

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
August 22, 2023

The iconic Lahaina Banyan Tree, a symbol of strength and endurance for over 150 years, has been severely burned. On Tuesday, August 8th, in Maui County, winds up to 80 miles per hour tore live electrical...

The four pillars are inseparable from our identity as a school. Which one is your favorite?

The Pillar Poll

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
May 8, 2023

The four pillars are extremely important to our identity at One School. They are unique, none of them alike, but they work together in perfect harmony. Without a core pillar, our ipseity crumbles. But,...

Ian Pinero, Justin Pinero, and Ben Lachance pose for a photo after a crucial win at Space Coast.

What Comes Next?

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
March 20, 2023

Throughout their inaugural year in Sunshine Christian League, the OSOTA Lions Varsity basketball team exceeded even the expectations that they placed on themselves. Their original goal was to be a .500...

Are Orcas that are birthed in SeaWorlds care born into life of safety or a life of performing? Image received from Unsplash.

SeaWorld: Below the Surface

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
March 7, 2023

When people think of SeaWorld, some may think of an amusement park with thrilling rides and entertaining shows involving sea animals. Below the surface, according to some sources, it is a place of cruelty,...

Record Chaser: LeBron James

Record Chaser: LeBron James

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
February 20, 2023

The NBA world waited in breathless anticipation as LeBron James inched closer to passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career scoring record of 38,337 points. Many were discussing if passing this landmark would...

Molly Schieve, Sydney Watkins, and Kaden Liatsos, ninth grade, pose for the camera

A Fresh Look At Homecoming

Simeon Gordon and Wyatt Bonos
November 18, 2022

     With Homecoming around the corner, the freshman class is abuzz with excitement about the Homecoming. Many of the ninth graders participated in the week’s spirit activities, dressing up in an...

Long’s Expert Alterations and Custom Tailoring

Long’s Expert Alterations and Custom Tailoring

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
November 17, 2022

Long’s Expert Alterations and Custom Tailoring is the best tailoring location I have ever been to. It is located at 300 St. Laurent Street in Longwood. When you enter the shop, Mr. Long and Ms. Chi greet...

Blake Vasek smiles for the camera as his photo is taken.

Behind The Scenes: Blake Vasek

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
September 26, 2022

What makes the overall brand of an organization stand out? For One School of the Arts, Blake Vasek is the answer to that question. Blake has been working at One School for five years and is the school’s...

Olivia Newton-John played the lead role of Sandy Olsson in the hit film Grease. Released in June of 1978, the film had a box office revenue of $366.2 Million.

The Legacy of Olivia-Newton John

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
September 2, 2022

Some say the point of life is to be remembered and build a legacy. But what does it take? Look no further than the late Olivia Newton-John, who may have one of the most defined legacies of all.  She...

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