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Mayer Tawfik

The four pillars are inseparable from our identity as a school. Which one is your favorite?

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff

The four pillars are extremely important to our identity at One School. They are unique, none of them alike, but they work together in perfect harmony. Without a core pillar, our ipseity crumbles. But, if you had to pick just one pillar, which would you choose as your favorite?

Firstly, there is the pillar of the Culinary Arts. Headlined by Mrs. Romaniello’s culinary program and The Storytime Cafe, the Culinary Arts pillar is one of the most recognizable of the four. They create delectable treats and meals from scratch, and scholars love coming into the cafe in the morning and at lunch to snag a snack.

Secondly, there is the pillar of Visual Arts. The art class led by Dr. Q and Mrs. Lulu is the face of this pillar. You can find several of their works all over the school, such as in the hallways, The Storytime Cafe, and, of course, the art room. The hard work that scholars put into their amazing artwork is always evident.

Thirdly, there is the pillar of Communicative Arts. This pillar is represented by the Lion’s Pride Yearbook, Newspaper, and Podcast team. While the yearbook team works consistently throughout the year to brainstorm creative new ideas and meet deadlines, the newspaper and podcast teams produce daily content for their viewers and listeners. Their persistence shows, whether it’s every week or at the end of the school year.

Finally, there is the pillar of Performing Arts. The pillar of Performing Arts is expressed through the OSOTA Theatre Department. They consistently put on amazing productions for their fans, their most recent being “Narnia, The Musical.” The courage to perform is shown in every production by all cast members, perfectly encapsulating the pillar of Performing Arts.

So, which pillar will you choose? Which one best represents you? Cast your vote now for the best OSOTA pillar!

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