Madelyne Payne

Molly Schieve, Sydney Watkins, and Kaden Liatsos, ninth grade, pose for the camera

A Fresh Look At Homecoming

     With Homecoming around the corner, the freshman class is abuzz with excitement about the Homecoming. Many of the ninth graders participated in the week’s spirit activities, dressing up in an array of decorative outfits and creative costumes to show their enthusiasm. When asked about how he’s going to kick off his first Homecoming celebration, Tristan Speciale, ninth grade said,  “I’m going to start off my night with a bang. I plan on riding to Homecoming with some of my friends in a limousine. People are going to go wild!” Up until this point, we haven’t seen a freshman pull up to Homecoming in a limo, but Tristan wants to show everyone that freshmen have style, too. 

     The freshmen have heard whispers from some of the upperclassmen about what goes on during Homecoming, but nothing compares to actually being there and experiencing it for the first time. Jake Wilson, ninth grade said “When I enter the auditorium, I think that I’m going to be able to feel the energy in the room. I’ve heard lots of people hyping up Homecoming, and I can’t wait to see it for myself.” When asked about how she feels about Homecoming, Arriana Arroyo, ninth grade said “It’s going to be a night to remember!”

Jake Wilson and Grady Worthington smolder at the camera while wearing their “twin day” outfits (Katherine Del Rio)

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