Behind The Scenes: Blake Vasek


Heather Rice

Blake Vasek smiles for the camera as his photo is taken.

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff

What makes the overall brand of an organization stand out? For One School of the Arts, Blake Vasek is the answer to that question. Blake has been working at One School for five years and is the school’s Creative Director, as well as an event photographer and school graphic designer.

A typical day for Blake looks like this: He wakes up at 5:30 am in the morning to do his daily devotions before eating breakfast and going to school. He arrives at school at 7:25 am to go to OSOTA’s Storytime Cafe to get a coffee and a muffin, then plans out his schedule for the day. He starts out by culling photos that he’s taken at recent events, then moves on to planning school assemblies and team meetings. Next, he works on creating the newsletter for the week and schedules the school’s social media posts. Finally, Blake touches up on the graphic design plans for the next events or school themes before leaving the school at about 5:00 pm.

You may think that with such a busy schedule, Blake wouldn’t have any time to connect with his team members. You’d be wrong. One of Blake’s favorite things at One School is when he and his coworkers compete in a “Disney-song-karaoke-off” in their office to boost team morale.

Another one of Blake’s favorite things at One School is seeing how his work makes a difference in the student’s lives around the school. To elaborate on this he said, “I like knowing that I make a difference here, and I always can tell that I’m appreciated by those around me. I don’t work just to get a paycheck; I work to make a lasting impression on everyone I come into contact with.”

Along with many other organizations, Blake has made a huge impact on the OSOTA yearbook team. Katherine Severin, the former Editor in Chief and current Senior Advisor of The Lions Pride Yearbook Team said about Blake, “[Blake] has always been a helping hand for me with graphic design or critiques; he’s always willing to help me out. If I need specific information for something in Photoshop, he’s the one to go to. He has a good sense of humor as well.”

His only regret is that there is not more time in the school day to leave an imprint on even more people. Oh, and that some people still mispronounce his last name, Vasek (Vâ-seh-K).