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Review: From Page To Screen, Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Screencap by Disney

“If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.” – Percy Jackson


In a little wooded area, near Long Island Sound, lies the quaint Camp Half-Blood. Home to the demigod children of the Greek gods and where mythical creatures such as satyrs, centaurs, and nymphs also live. This is the world of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” a Disney+ original television series based on the 2005 book series with the same name.

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians” follows the adventures of a young boy, Percy Jackson, who discovers that his father is Poseidon, the Greek god of the ocean. His uncle, Zeus, the god of the sky, accuses Percy of stealing his master bolt. He now has one week to journey from New York to LA to confront Hades and stop a war from breaking out on Mount Olympus. Along the way, monsters, gods, and everything in between are trying to stop Percy or slow him down. Can he and his friends succeed at restoring peace, or will he fail to save what matters most in the end?

The first season is based on the first book in the series, “The Lightning Thief.” The episodes are usually up to 44 minutes long, which fits about five or six chapters of the book, all of which are packed with vigor, suspense, and witty humor. The show is a remarkable introduction to Greek mythology and the books that they were based on. Despite the fact that many fans of the books have already come of age and moved on from them, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” on Disney+ gives way to newer fans who get to learn and love these characters, and it gives the older fans a nostalgic, familiar world to come back to.

Another thing that older fans were eager to come back to was Percy’s humor. Walker Scobell does a phenomenal job of portraying the plucky, mirthful Percy Jackson. His delivery, along with that of Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth Chase and Aryan Simhadri as Grover Underwood, creates an illustrious trio that brings the books to life.

Above all else, the show is faithful to the original story, and Rick Riordan, author of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” became an executive producer and was involved in the overall development of the show as well as casting. This gave fans peace of mind when it came to how accurate the show was going to be.

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians” is a prime example of a successful book-to-screen adaptation that can draw in both old and new audiences. It seamlessly weaves together incredible storytelling and Greek mythology in such a way that makes the show engaging and stimulating for everyone. If you’re looking for a show that combines adventure, humor, and mythology, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” on Disney+ is the superior choice.

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