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What are you looking forward to?

October 10, 2023

Lake Nona is tomorrow! What are you most excited for? Let us know in our poll.

Fall Blood Drive

Fall Blood Drive

Samantha McGill, staff
September 6, 2023

One School will be hosting a Blood Drive with One Blood here on campus Thursday, September 14th. Get your check up and give blood to those in need. Every donor will receive a t-shirt and enjoy refreshments...

Self Care, the Ins and Outs

Self Care, the Ins and Outs

Samantha McGill, Staff
May 22, 2023

       As the year comes to a close, scholars can often end up getting swept away by it all… Layla Hubler, 11th grade, admitted, “I’d say that my stress is an 11/10 right because of the...

One instance of UCFs
sacred squirrel, either hated or loved by UCF residents without a clear explanation as to why.

UCF Knights and Squirrel Squires

Layla Hubler, Staff
May 15, 2023

Have you ever walked around a college campus and thought, “Wow, why do the squirrels act like dogs?” At the University of Central Florida, this experience is heightened with the roomy nature of the...

Taylor Swift preforms her song, My Tears Ricochet, at the Eras Tour.

An Era of Eras!

Samantha McGill, staff
May 15, 2023

Dr. Taylor Allison Swift, American singer-songwriter and current headliner of the Eras Tour, you might know All Too Well after being seen everywhere and maybe even seeing her in the moment on tour. Isabella...

The four pillars are inseparable from our identity as a school. Which one is your favorite?

The Pillar Poll

Simeon Gordon, Senior Staff
May 8, 2023

The four pillars are extremely important to our identity at One School. They are unique, none of them alike, but they work together in perfect harmony. Without a core pillar, our ipseity crumbles. But,...

Scholars Vs. Staff Game: Who Will Win?

Scholars Vs. Staff Game: Who Will Win?

Sarah Jones and Aiden Greaver
May 4, 2023

According to our reporting, it seems the staff may win Friday's game. Check out the video. Do you agree? Give us your feedback on our poll.      

Tennessee State House Representitive Justin Jones, one of the members for preposed expulsion, calling for his fellow lawmakers to put stricter gun laws in place. (AP)

BREAKING: Tennessee House Moves to Expel Members

Hunter Vann, OSBN Executive Producer
April 5, 2023

On Thursday evening, April 3rd, the Tennessee House of Representatives descended into disorder as protesters filled the rows of the viewing galleries, jeering at legislators and obliging the House to enter...

Photos by Dan Powers, Doug Murray, Cooper Neill, Getty Images, Mark J. Rebilas and Marcio Jose Sanchez.
Graphic by Spencer Payne

NFL Offseason Winners and Losers

Spencer Payne, Editor
March 30, 2023

After nearly two weeks of free agency, most NFL teams have made their big signings and trades (or laid the groundwork for those trades to happen in the case of Aaron Rodgers), so it is time to see who...

Chocolate covered pretzels, the holy marriage between the houses salty, and sweet! But who is the better half?

Poll: Salty or Sweet

Hunter Vann, OSBN Executive Producer
March 27, 2023

Pushing open the heavy, glass doors to the movie theater, your eyes strain to adjust to the new environment. The lights dim and air thick with the scent of movie theater butter and the distinct musk of...

The Senior Upward team poses after capturing the title game in a close contest.

Senior Upward team wins championship

Spencer Payne, Editor
March 12, 2023

In the final game of their careers together in Upward, the senior team won the Upward Championship by a score of 41-39.  The team finishes with only one loss on their resume, closing the playoffs with...

A sunny afternoon in Maastricht, a City in the Netherlands, known for its pedestrian corridors.

Fifteen Minute Cities, a Sustanable Solution?

Hunter Vann, OSBN Executive Producer
March 1, 2023

Close your eyes and imagine a world where everything you need for your day-to-day life is within walking distance. Running low on milk? Just take a four-minute walk across the street to the grocery store....

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