What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman


Emily Parker, Alumni

Seniors Jacob Gomez, Peter Fares, and Desiree Mann smile as they sit and work together.

Katherine Terese, Peer Editor

     Welcome to high school! You are probably a little overwhelmed and confused, but don’t worry, it gets better. In these past four years of high school, my classmates and I have learned a lot and want to share our best advice to make your transition more comfortable. 

      I interviewed my fellow seniors about what they felt was important for freshmen to know. First, I talked to Jonah Heilig. Jonah started his freshman year at OSOTA. He then spent two years schooling through FLVS and has returned for his senior year.  Jonah said, “Don’t stress about the little stuff, like small quiz grades. Just do your best. Don’t go to school just to pass tests, go to school to learn and better yourself.” This advice was something I heard from many of the scholars I interviewed. Since Jonah has a history with FLVS, I asked him if he has any advice for scholars doing FLVS. “Take notes!” Jonah said. 

      I then asked scholar Spencer Payne his advice, “Start off strong academically. Your teachers can tell if you are cheating, so just don’t. Walk with humility through both friendships and classes because this is your time to learn.” “Don’t cheat” is something you probably have heard before, but seriously, if you ever want to win a game of trivia, you will be grateful you paid attention in class.

      Your friends in high school will change and that is ok. Isabella Hooten had the following to say on the topic, “You don’t need to change who you are to get people to like you. Embrace who you are and real friends will come.” 

      Ella Quintana added this to the conversation on friends, “Take a moment to see things from other people’s perspectives before you pick arguments. Growing in communication is an essential skill. Also, turn your assignments in on time; you have to do it either way.”

      A lot of us seniors have free time in our schedule. I asked Ella Salamy about this and here is what she had to say, “Work hard now! It is nice to have breaks as a senior because I took the right classes as an underclassman. Communicate with your academic and emotional counselors to make sure you are prepared if you ever feel confused.” I totally agree with Ella. Taking your classes seriously, in the beginning, can benefit you greatly in the future. Now that I am applying to colleges, I am grateful that I kept a good GPA early on. 

     We know what you are going through; we have been there. Don’t be afraid to reach out to upperclassmen for advice. If I hadn’t asked for help from those around me, I don’t know if I would have achieved the things I did. Comment if you have any more questions for us!