Poll: Salty or Sweet


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Chocolate covered pretzels, the holy marriage between the houses salty, and sweet! But who is the better half?

Hunter Vann, OSBN Executive Producer

Pushing open the heavy, glass doors to the movie theater, your eyes strain to adjust to the new environment. The lights dim and air thick with the scent of movie theater butter and the distinct musk of molding carpets. As you approach the neon lined concession stand, an acne encrusted usher half heartedly welcomes you to their… fine establishment. They gesture to their various wares located in the display case. An array of confections stimulate your senses causing you to salivate, Milk Duds, Salted Nuts, M&M’s, popcorn. Salty or Sweet? An age old snack time confabulation wars within your will. 

So let’s settle this ages old debate, when picking out a movie time snack what do you pick: salty or sweet? 

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Salty or Sweet?


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