What to do For Mother’s Day


Mothers Day is a time for children to celebrate one of the most influential people in their lives!

Sarah Jones

This Mother’s Day, we are given another opportunity to share our love for our mothers and to be reminded of what they do. Though it can be challenging to find the right gift or find something to do, instead of getting her the same flowers and store-bought card, you can give her something new that shows your appreciation and makes this Mother’s Day the best yet.

When preparing for Mother’s Day, a question that runs through my mind every year is, “What should I get her? Of course, you can buy flowers and a card, but you can also do something unique and new to really celebrate your mother this year.

Some ideas for your Mother’s Day gift could be a skincare basket full of bath scrubs, soaps, and moisturizers, a nice card, or her favorite candy. A more creative way to celebrate your mother would be to make your own card by writing a letter, making flowers out of paper, or drawing something she likes and framing it. Another good idea for gift-giving is buying new clothes, a purse, wallets, and shoes. Along with presents on Mother’s Day, there’s also the question of what to do or where to go.

Where to go and what to do can be difficult questions, but luckily in Florida, there are many places to go. Some ideas include going to the beach, the movie theater, or your mother’s favorite restaurant. If you would rather stay in this year and relax as a family, there are still things to do that are fun and entertaining. For example, playing board games, having a movie day, or baking her favorite desserts

Mother’s Day is all about making your mother feel special and showing her how much you care, whether it is with gift-giving or spending time with each other. Planning activities and gifts to give on Mother’s Day can be stressful, so this can be helpful when coming up with things to make this the best Mother’s Day yet.