Poll: Online shopping or physical shopping?


Tamanna Rumee

Do you prefer the simplicity of online shopping or the experience of physical shopping? Image received from Unsplash.

Sarah Jones, Senior Staff

Do you like to shop from the comfort of your own home or go out shopping? If you want to buy whatever you want and stay home, online shopping is most likely more your thing. Physical shopping tends to be more appealing for people who would rather try things on or go with friends. Senior Milly Shaikh expressed her opinion on online shopping, “I despise online shopping. Even though it is cheap it is not good for the environment. The sizes are not always accurate, you can’t feel the quality of the clothes, and it most likely uses fast fashion.” Others would say that online shopping is easier and takes less time. If you do physically shop there is not a guarantee that the stores will have your sizes or what you are looking for, but if you shop online you are more likely to find various selections of things in all sizes.

Both options have different pros and cons that can depend on what you want to do and how much time you have. Sometimes it is fun to go out and try things on with your friends or family. Other times, when you are looking for something specific and fast, online may be easier. When Anthony Mitchel, 10th grade, was asked which he preferred he answered: “I like online shopping because it is super convenient and since it’s online it won’t close. You can buy stuff from home and you can look at so many more options than just a few stores.” If you don’t have time to go out and search for something it is very easy to order online. Both shopping styles are great for finding what you need, but which do you like the most?

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Online shopping or Physical shopping?


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