Poll: Fiction or Nonfiction Books?


Tom Hermans

Nonfiction and fiction are both popular forms of books. Which is preferred at OSOTA? Image received from Unsplash.

Isabella Hooten, Editor-in-Chief

With our recent feature on the book club, we began to wonder what kind of books were popular amongst our high school scholars. Though there are many genres and categories of books, a popular and strong division is the preference for either fiction or nonfiction. Weighing in on this topic, senior book club member Katherine Severin had a take on both sides, “I love fiction books because they let me experience out of this world stories but I have found some of my all time favorite books to be nonfiction because knowing those stories really happened makes it so much more impactful.”

Though both have their own strengths, some may have a stronger preference. When asked for her opinion, English teacher and book club advisor Brenda Greaver passionately expressed her preference for fiction, “100% fiction, nonfiction makes my head hurt. Nonfiction is about real life and fiction is about fantasy and escaping from real life. When real life gets crazy, I can turn off my brain and dive into fiction.”

So, what do you think? Both fiction and nonfiction have the opportunity to be influential and impactful to the reader but in a variety of different ways. Do you prefer the invention of an imaginary world in a fiction book or the true depiction of reality in a nonfiction book? Vote below!

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Fiction or Non-fiction Books?


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