Meet Our Junior Homecoming Royalty!

Emma and I are 11th graders. I love playing hockey, I work at the story time cafe, and I am very involved in the culinary program, something that I hope to pursue in my life as a career. Along with that, Emma and I have been dating for just over 5 months now, but before that, we were best friends and have always shared interests in many things such as sports, fashion, and culinary. We have grown with each other and supported each other in everything we do, such as Emma playing softball. I love watching her play and she has recently played in her first travel ball game, winning second place. She works so hard with two jobs. I am so proud of her and all she does for herself, me, and our families. We spend almost every weekend together, going to the beach or just hanging out at each other’s houses having a great time, laughing and making memories. It is such a gift that our families are so close. I truly care for Emma and would love to be represented with her. She’s the sweetest and most respectful woman I’ve ever met.

-Noah Wemple and Emma Vega

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